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This page of links is not only for the reenactor of battles, living histories and skirmishes but to those who have an interest developing a far deeper understanding of the period we are re-enacting. In time it is hoped that this page will expand to cover more topics and have a greater scope of interest to our visitors. If you have any suggestions of topics or articles which can be used here please do not hesitate to get in touch.


A brief guide to the English Civil Wars

Basing House

John Paulet, 5th Marquess of Winchester owned Basing House, which withstood three sieges during the Civil War, before Cromwell finally took and destroyed it. Follow the links below to discover more about the Marquess, the House and the sieges.

Basing House siege diaries
The Marquess and the first siege
Letter from the Marquess to the King
The relief of Basing House by Col Gage 9th Sept 1644
Cromwell’s letter on the storming of Basing House
Epitaph – Monument of the Marquess of Winchester


Queen Henrietta Maria (1609–1669)
Henry Gage (1597–1645)
Sir Robert Peake (1592–1667)

Military Research

Sir John Smythe on Pike Fighting (1590)
Julian Tilbury on re-enacting pike fighting (1993)
Oxford Army Clothing Issue 1643
Examples of Infantry Standards

Re-enacting resources

A set of articles, not only as a reference for members of the Regiment, but also for anyone interested in how we attempt to be as authentic as possible during our displays.

On the battlefield

English Civil War Society Rules of Engagement How to be safe and authentic whilst fighting.
Theatrical Casualties

Living History

Dress Standards
Eating apples in the seventeenth century
Teaching History
Religious practice for the Regiment


The Justices and the Commission of the Peace
Wealth in the seventeenth century
The Plague
On Herbs
Making Soap in the Seventeenth Century
Words and Phrases of the Seventeenth Century
The Four Humours