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The Marquess of Winchester’s Regiment is considered one of the premier formations in English Civil War re-enactment. The regiment has reached a high standard through the historical research and endeavours of its members. Our members are proud to be a part of an organisation that constantly strives to improve its appearance and performance. We extend a warm welcome to those who share our desire to advance the serious re-enactment of the troubled times of The English Civil Wars. Not forgetting that we are a diverse collection of people who are involved in a mutual hobby, the regiment is primarily a group of friends. We know how to enjoy ourselves, the social side of the regiment helping to sustain everyone’s enthusiasm at a high level. Where we gain over many others, is in the satisfaction obtained from our attention to detail and not settling for second best in our efforts. Although not perfect, we always aspire to excellence and high ideals. This philosophy has earned us respect from others, and has established a reputation of which we are justly proud.