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The Regiment today has been reenacting the English Civil War for about 40 years and today has around 140 members, we have a goal of recreating a full sized English Civil war company of Foote as shown by the drill book of William Barriffe with the correct number Pikemen, Musketeers, Officers, sergeants and drummers and using the correct commands for manoeuvring of the company.

The Marquess of Winchesters Regiment in the 17th C was based at Basing House in Hampshire and it never took part in any of the major English civil war battles, though elements of the garrison took part in many smaller engagements throughout the war in and around Basing House. So because the regiment was never a field regiment we have a dual role and that is to “ Create a well equipped company of red coated Foote of the Oxford Army of 1643”

We have numerous reenactment events around the country catering for all aspects of reenacting the 17th century from living histories to small skirmishes right up to large battles with the rest of the society. Members aren’t expected to attend all of the events as this is unfair to expect everyone to be at all events as home life, family and personal circumstances make it so that there will be some events members can’t attend and we understand that. Though we prioritise special events for a good turnout such as the large ECWS major events and smaller higher standard events hosted by English heritage as these events usually suit our style of combat and allow us to do what we do best using pike, musket and artillery in a 17C military fashion.

This is not just a military hobby, we have a growing number of living history enthusiasts within the regiment. These members add a significant and important aspect to our displays and they are valued just as much as any other member. Reenacting the social side of the period we feel is just as important as the military aspects and gives us a balance to our presentations.

We put as much care, effort and research into these displays as our military presentations and in 2012 embarked on a process to remove the 20th Century  “Duck ” canvas tents from our living history displays and to replace these tents made from a reproduction 17th C material known as “Flax Canvas”. We hope to complete the change before the end 2019 and thus have an enhanced display our members and customers who hire us will value.

Not forgetting our musketeers who follow a researched musket & formation drills and together with the our pike division manoeuvring to 17th C commands and drums, the regiment has a pride that it considers itself as one of the best military ECW reenactment groups in the UK

Winchesters have pride in the fact that we work hard to reenact a good unit of foot of the period and that we have a lot of fun on and off the battle/drill field. It’s not all work and no play as we have a very good social atmosphere within the regiment, members often meet between events maintaining that “family” atmosphere we have. I say family? Yes we have a large number of children within the regiment, some have been with us so long they are now old enough to take part on the battlefield!

Our reenacting standards, which I hope you see from the pictures on this website are high, standards we work hard to maintain. We also work hard to ensure the membership has fun. Once a year we have a regimental BBQ at an event usually this co-insides with a “priority event” and a banquet in the off season, this allows us time to get together without having to worry about the time table of a weekend muster.

I hope this website will show you that you don’t need to have a vast knowledge of 17C life to take part in this hobby of English Civil War reenacting, so come along and try being a musketeer, pikemen, artillery crew or civilian for a weekend, all you need is a tent, some food, an open mind and I’m sure you will have a good time!