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Winchesters Introductory Membership scheme. you’ll be able to attend your 1st event with us free of any subscription or joining fee, all clothing, kit, arms and armour are provided free of charge for that weekend.

We are a friendly and welcoming bunch, and new members are welcome at any event. Simply fill in the form below and we’ll be in touch to answer any questions you may have and give you some more details.

So what are we all about?

The Regiment is generally considered one of the premier formations in English Civil War re-enactment. The regiment has reached a high standard through the research and endeavours of its members and our members are proud to be a part of an organisation that constantly strives to improve its appearance and performance. We extend a warm welcome to those who share our desire to advance the re-enactment of the troubled times of The English Civil Wars.

However, we never forget that we are involved in a hobby and the regiment is first and foremost a group of friends, families and acquaintances.We know how to enjoy ourselves and it is the social side of the regiment that helps to keep everyone’s enthusiasm high . Where we believe we gain over many others is in the additional enjoyment obtained from our attention to detail and not settling for second best in our efforts.

We do not consider ourselves to be perfect, but we always striving to improve our standards. This philosophy has earned us respect from others and we have established a reputation of which we are proud.

Once a full member :-

You will have access to –

The Regimental members-only Facebook group.

You will receive the Kings Army members’ handbook.

You will receive a regimental handbook – this includes a history of today’s regiment, a copy of the siege dairies of Basing House, clothing guidelines for civilians and the drill manuals for Pike & Musket.

You’ll have use of all regimental muskets ( once you have the appropriate licences), arms & armour, living history tents and equipment for all events the regiment attends or organises.

We can negotiate special deals with suppliers to acquire approved kit & equipment at reduced rates.

Interested in joining our group, why not complete the form below and start your journey into a fascinating hobby.

Membership Enquiry Form
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