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A  D E S C R I P T I O N
of the seige of
B a s i n g
C a s t l e
kept by the
for the Service of

The Forces of the Rebells,Under Com-
mand of Colonell NORTON

Anno Dom 1 6 4 4

Printed by LEONARD LICHFIELD, Printer to
the University. 1 6 4 4


Bafing Casftle, the Seat and Manfion of the Marquiffe of Winchefter, ftands on a rifing ground, having its forme circular, encompaffed with a Brick Rampart, lyned with earth and a ver deep trench, but dry; The loftie Gate-houfe with foure Turrets looking Northwards, on the right whereof without the compaffe of the Ditch a goodly building containing two faire Courts; before them is the Grannge, fevered by a Wall and common roade, againe divided from the foot of Cowdreys Downe byMeades, Rivilets, and a River running from Bafingftoke, a mile diftant upon the  Weft, though Bafing Towne joyning upon the Eaft, the South Fide of the Caftle hath a Parke, and towards bafting Towne a little Wood, the place Feated and built as if for Royaltie having a proper Motto, Aymez Loyalte, Hither ( the Rebellion having made houfes of pleafure more unfafe ) the Marquiffe firft retired , hoping integrity and privacy might have here preferved hisquiet; But the fource of the times villany, bearing downe all before it, neither allowing newtraility or permitting Peace, to any that defired to be leffe finfull then themfelves, enforeeth him to ftand upon his guard which with his Gentleman Armed with Fix Mufquets ( the whole remainder of a well furnifed Armoury) he did fo well, that twice the enemies attempts proved vaine.

But finding their numbers in thofe parts ( after the loffe of Reading ) grown more formidable, their forces quartering roundabout him, he folicited His MAJESTY for one hundred Mufquetiers, which ( being fent under command of Lieutenant Colonell Paeke ) marching with fpeed and Secrecy the 31. of July 1643. were thruft into theplace, which from that time became a Garrifon; it’s former fortune ftill continuing, Colonell Harvey and Colonell Norton, within a few houres after attempting to furprize it, being not only beaten off, but the fame night forced retreat to Farnham

The place is then begunne according to the quantity of men now added, to be fortified, and fome time after upon report of a puiflant Army, under the command of Sir William Waller, to be appointed for the taking of it in Colonell Rawdon with the reft of his Regiment ( being about one hundred and fifty more ) a commanded thither. the  Lord Marquiffe taking forth Commiffions as Colonell and Governour, for the raifing of more forces for the defence of the fame.

Novemb.6. fhewes Waller with the expected Army ( confifting of Feven thoufand Horfe and Foot ) before the Houfe; where having lyen nine daies, and three times ftorming it, he againe retires to Farnham, having difhonoured and bruifed his Army, whereof abundance were loft, without the death of more than two in the Garrifon, and fome little injury to the Houfe by Battery.

He thus drawne off, and His MAJESTIES Army, under command of the Lord Hopton, advancing two diaes after, affords the Liberty of farther fortifying, which thus ( as time and number would permit) made up, is rather ftrong then Regular.

The enfuing Spring the Rebells, as well confulting the impotance of the place, as the injuries fuffered by it, both in their Trade and Force, refolve ( having before aflayed it by Surprize andStorme ) to try by ftarving it, to which their Armies fix weeks Quartering at Farnham,Odiam, Grewell and Bafingftoke, was a preparative, harrowing the County about untill their March to Oxford.

June 4 1644
At what time Colonell Norton drawing fome forces from the adjacent Garrifons, by Order of their pretended Parliment, is to block up the Houfe, and ( by the treachery of a Souldier giving intelligence two daise before ) defeating a party of the Gariffon drawn out to Odium, and taking diverfe Prifeners upon the fourth of June faced the Houfe with a Regiment of Hourfe and Dragoones, and after fome houres ftand Quartered in Bafinftoke, each day ( his Foot not yet come up ) keeping his guard of Hourfe upon our Aveneues to ftop the fetching in Provifion.

June 11th 1644
Colonell Morleyes Regiment of fixe Colours of Blew from Suffex, and Sir Richard Onflowes Regiment of five Red, from Surrey, with two of White from Farnham, and three frefh Troops of Horfe fetched in by Nortons Regiment, are all drawne up before the Houfe, upon the south of Basingstoke ; The Companies of White at Evening, withone Troop,marchingto Sherfield, Sir Richard Onslowe, wwith his Troop of Hourfe to Anwell noufe, and Morleyes Foot with Colonell Nortons Houfe quarter in Basingstoke. During the time lying at this diftance, vifiting us with horfe (with whom entertaining skirmishes at their returne) were ufually made worfe with little loffe to us.

June 15th 1644
To fee the countenace of the Enemy, fifty Foot are fent toward Basingstoke. under the covert of a Mill and hedge, whileft our Horfe forced theirs into the Towne, they reenforced, ours orderly retreat, drawing them on in danger of our Foot, who galling them, they ftand the comming of their owne, twixt whom fome Vollyes being fpent, ours are Commanded in.

June 17th 1644
The Enemies horfe feize on two Teemes of ours, fetching Provifion towards Sherfield, and three horfe grazing in the Parke. At night, the Companies of white quarter in Basing Towne, and fortifing the church, next day from the adjoyning houfes fhot two of our men; And being now come here, our number few, we divide our men into three parts, keeping two thirds on duty, whileft the other reft, appointing to each Captaine and his Company a particular Guard, dividing the Quarters of the Garrifon to the Field Officers,vis . to Major Cuffand, the workes adjoyning to the Parke; to Major Langley, thofe in the gardens; to Lievtenant-Colonell Johnfon, to the care of the Grange; to Colonell Rawdon, the workes next the towne; and difpofe of the Guns to Lievtenant-Colonell Peeke ; the Troopers fitted with Muskets, and part of his Foot Company as a Referve for fupply of all places as any need required; The Lievtenant Colonell and Majors by courfe being Captaines of the watch, Colonell Rawdon, onely in this exeufed by reafon of his yeares.

June 18th 1644
The Regiment of Blew from Basingstoake releeve the White, on whom at midnightfallying forth, we Fired one of the Houfes which annoyed us; but the next night fallying againe, we Fired all betweene us and the church, themselves at fame time Firing fome beyond, by which their workes growne hot fome flye into the hedges, others further off. But at the ringing of the Bells ( thier cuftome upon all Alarmes ) reliefe comming on all fides, ours retreat; they that night Quartering round the Parke under the favour of he hedge and pale, where they continue till next Evening, and with continuall Firing kills one Sentinell, and hurt another.

June 20th 1644
The following day, the parke being cleared, and they returned to quarter, and their guard at Church, our Horfe are put into it, and 12 mufqueteers lodge at the corner of the Lane in cover of the hedge, fome Officers of theirs thinking the Lane fecure are blooded from the hedge, and hardle fcape to Basingstoake, our Hourfe purfuing them, and whileft their guard on Cowdreys downe perceiving it, Troop to their refcue; oursare recalled, and fent up by the Grannge to Fire their quarter, which is done, and one of them brought in; At fame time, more of theis riding along the lane, our Mufqueteers klling the horfe of Colonell Greaves his Brother, take him Prisoner, the Colonell and the reft efcaping to purfue their Journey to the weft. Two howers after, a Trumpet is fent in from Colonell Norton to demand his liberty, under pretence of being a Traveller, but is returned with a propofall of Exchange, next day two of Sir Richard Onflowes Foot are taken in the parke, and a third killed.

June 24th 1644
Fiding a fufferance by our Liberty refolving now more ftrieghtly to beguirt us, two Companies more from Portfmouth, being joyned to thofe of Farnham in the Towne, the Regiment of Blew is drawne into the parke, and Colonell Onflowes to the Lane and Clofe towards Bafingstoake, where having fixed their quarters, they prefently breake ground, fhutting us up on three fides with thier Foot, and on the other fide their guards of horfe keeping on Cowdreys Downe, at night bufying themfelves with Sapde and Pick-axe to fecure their Quarters, three of ours runne to them.

June 26th 1644
Some Musketeers are fent by the point of Bafingstoake (a Bulwarke) to view their lodging in the Lane, and to cut downe fome Trees blinding a ruined Mill, from whence they played on us, both which are done and divers of them killed, with loffe of two of ours; At night they run a Line toward the mill, where we had galled them the day before, next night a Party of horfe Firing upon their Sentinells on Cowdreyes Downe, much amufe their guards, whileft others of them are fent by to Oxford.

their worke in the parke is brought to fome perfection, and by noone their Cannon Baskets placed make knowne they had a Culverin there, giving us fixe fhot thence. Next day being Sunday ( their Caufe allowes not now for Sabboth) doubling their diligence throughout the Leaguer, forwarding the Sconce at Morleyes Quarters in the Parke, and on the Towne fide towards a Mill, drawing a Line from the Church. At Onslowes Quarter rasfing a platforme an the Lane with so much fpeed, that the next morning a Demi- Culverin playes from it; at night a meffenger from Oxford informing us His Majeeefties fucceffe against Waller at Cropready, We Eechoe it to our neighbours with Volleys both of fmall and great. they anfwering with their Guns, battering our Kitchen and Gatehoufe, till a fhot from our platforme fpoyling the Carriage, filenced their Demy-Culverin.

July 3rd 1644
Their Lines being run within halfe Musket fhot, by their continuall Firing powring their lead into the Garrison, they fpoyle us two thre a day, paffing within our workes, and fhoot the Marquiffe himfelfe through his clothes, the Carriage or their peece being repaired, they now renew their Battery on the houfe unto the detriment and topping of our towers and chimnies.

July 8th 1644
This morning they affay to draw us forth by making an Alarme to themselfes (leaving their piece neglected without a guard) but faile : at Evening a Prifoner efcaping from them under the hazzrd of 100 fhot fochated them, that they continue Firing until midnight; and fhot two of our men next morning: foure Companies of Red from Surry, comming to the reliefe of Colonell Onfloes men, marching too neare, have three fhot placed ongft them from our Minion, making them change their march to troop at further diftance.

July 11th 1644
One Company from Southampton of fevenfcore, march’t by the wat of Hackwood unto Holloways mill: with which ( and thofe foure Companies come in two dayes before) morley is now so raifed in his hopes that making ufe of Colonell Nortons abfence ( ambitious of the honour, but fummoning the next day being our Faftadding to our afflictions ) fends by a Drum this harfh demand:

My Lord
To avoid the effufion of Christian blood, I have thought fit to fend your Lordship this Summons to demand Bafing houfe to be delivered to me for the ufe of King and Parliament: if this be refufed the enfuing inconvenicence will reft upon your felfe, I defire your speedy anfwer and Reft, My lord,

You humble fervent

The Marquiffe, upon fmall deliberation, return’d Mr Morley this Anfwer

It is a crooked deman, and fhall receive its anfwer futable, I keep the houfe in the right of my Soveraigne, and will doe it in defpite of your Forces: your letter I will prefeerve as a teftimony of your Rebellion.


This anfwer being reurn’d by the Drum with a Haft baft haft poft haft upon the Letter, Morley  fpeaks his choller from his Gunns, which now and fome daies following playd on our Waterboufe: Colonell Onflowes men curteoufly permitting eight of our Foot to fetch fix Beafts grazing before their Workes. At night Coronet Bryan, and fome Troopers, paffing a Meffenger by Cowdreys down, brinf in two Prifoners.

July 18th 1644
A Bonefire in the Park, with two Volleys throughtou their Leaguer, fpeake their Committees welcome unto Bafingftoake.

July 20th 1644
A party of our Mufquetiers fallout upon them in the Lane, and having done fome execution there, retreat: a Captain of Colonell Morleys’s being fhot dead at fame time from our works: two houres after comes a Drum with Letters for exchange of Prifoners, but rather to informe us Norton’s fate returne from the defeat of Waller, and gain time to draw a Morter-peece more covert to their trench: from whence (their Drum return’d) they fend us a Granado of 80 next night, concluding their devotion and the day with thundering from their Culverine, two paffed through the Quarters where our fick men lay, but without hurt.

July 22nd 1644
Their Lines are much advanced, and their Sconce flanking their Battery in the Parke finifhed, the Marquiffe himfelfe hurt by a fhot, and two men killed by chance fhot, and the Carriage of our Cabonet broke from their Colverin: The following night being darke and Stormy, we difpatch our Meffenger. Eight Prifoners taking the opportunity doe the same for themfelves to their Leaguer making our allowance of great fhot to be next day doubles, and at night more Granadoes.

July 25th 1644
The trenches on the Towne fide in the Meades flore with the quantiity of raine that fell, thereby forcing them, lye more open to our Towers from whence our Markes men fpoyled divers, whilest on the other fide our men draw covert to a Blind, and doe as much upon them; in the Lane at night two peeces charged with Cafe, fo luckily are placed upon them (working upon their Lines) that they were heard complaine their fuffering.

July 26th 1644
Early this morne the Blind again being manned, an Officer with more of their are killed, and a Trooper of our owne afterward fetching a Hog and Cowe neare the fame place occafioning fome fervice from the Blind and Bulwark they receive more loffe.  The Evening fpending with difpute between our freat Guns, they adde fixe Granades, one falling in our Granary, fpoyled fome Corne, and two miffed Firing: at night two Soldiers run to them.

July 27th 1644
This morning fhewes a traverfe Croffe the Clofe from the burnt Mill, flanking our way unto the aforefiad Blind, and in the Parke the enclofing of the nearer fide of an old Orchard fecuring Morleyes Quarter. AT night from out their Morrerpeece, they fhot us fixe great ftones fized with the Granades of 361, with each day continuing like allowance, thefe and the Granades for a while feemed troublefome, but afterwards become by cuftome fo familiar to the Souldier, that they were called, as they counted them, Bables, their mifchiefes onely lighting on the houfe, and that the leffe, our Courts being large and many.

July 30th 1644
They plant a Culverin by Bafing Church, from thence battering a Tower, on which our Markes men ftood, that much annoyed that Quarter, continuing fhot from both their other platformes: This day ends the yeare of the places being Garrifon’d, and the fecond month of the League, next day a platforme is begun by the Woodfide, within halfe Mufquet fhot of Bafing Bulwarke. Towards Evening paying th fhot (it having been their Faft) they fpared all teh day;  At night running a trench from the Church to their worke by the Wood, and (by foure men which laft night run to them) perfwaded of ftrange executions done by ftones and Granades fend us ftore, one whereof Firing our Hay falling into the Barne, had done much hurt, had not our dilligence foon quenched it.

August 1st 1644
Our men tyred with lenght of 48 houres duty are now divided into two parts relieving every 24 hour Gentlemen and Troppers doing the fame; and here i cannot passe them over without due Commendations, all the time of the Leaguer undergoing the duty of Foot (that of Sentries onely except) going forth in all Sallies, as well on Foot with Mufquets or Brown-Bill, as otherwise on Horfeback, as occafion was; and for feven weeks time keeping their Horfes with graffe and Sedge, which in the nights they cut under Command of the Rebells workes with hazard of their lives.

August 4th 1644
Perceiving the intention of the rebells rather to ftarve then ftormeus, and doubt of a more potent Army now removed, which hitherto had made us frugall of our men (already few in number and much fpent with labour) as well to animate our men difmayed through divers wants and taigning of the pox, as alfo to annoy the Rebells, retard their workes, and gaine by Prifoners, fomewhat of their condition: We reflove upon advantages to make fome Sallies, and finding then an opportunity, a Party of their Foot lying at hazard upon Cowdrey downe in Wallers work, Lievtenant Cuffand with about 20 Horfe is Fent to fall on them, whileft Coronet Bryan with like number riding at rate, is to cut in betwixt them and hedge, where ftood their guard of Horfe, who feeing themfelves thus unexpectedly charged, fuddenly rout, flying to Bafingstoake, and are purfued with execution on them, almoft to the Towne, the coronet bringing in their Colours, Trumper, Feven Horfes, and thre Troopers, befides what flaine and mained; of the Foot eleaven killed on the place, and foure brought in; our men returning under Command of their Cannon without theloffe of a man; began to flyes the Parke, till informed better, and againe returning, they  fpend their heat at diftance with their Guns and  Mootar-peece, we learning from the Prifonsers their intention to batter upon Basing. Bulwarke from their new platforme by the Wood, Lay on all hands for Lyning it, as yet being very weak there, labouring without enforcing us to doe the like within our workes. in many places flender and no where finfhed, of which defects our Renegades giving them information neceffitates us worke to fruftrate their reports.

August 5th 1644
Their guard at Wallers worke is doubled, and ftrenghtened with Pikes, keeping their gaurd of Hourfe by exercife in better readineffe; In the Parke fide their Lines advance towards both our platformes; and their worke by the Wood forwarded. liberally beftowing great Shot, Stones and Grenades, of which they fend us of three feverall forts, befides their hand Grenades.

August 10th 1644
Colonell Whitheads new raifed Regiment of five Companies marching through Bafingstoake to Cowdreys Downe, take up their Quarters in the Delue, for whofe welcome and entertainment (with fome fport) they founder a round tower in the old Castle by their Battery; in requitall wherefo next morning, Major Cuffand with 6 Files of Mufqueteers and 20 Trooper with  Browne-Bills, falling into the Parke attacque, their outwards Lines, where killing fome of them, burning their Blinds and Baskets, they bring off one of their Mortar peeces and store of Armes and Tooles; with having two men hurt. Lievtenant Snow with 20 Mufqueteers and 12 Bills during the amazement falling upon their Quarter in the Lane with execution on them, breaking their Demy-Culverin, Firing their guard and Baskets, and from hence with Armes and Tooles bring in fome Ammunition. Thefe Sallies were Fo much  unto thei lofte, and toucht fo neare thei honour, That Oram ( Captain of the Guards) for vindication muft be brought to tryall, and for negect and Cowardife ( running as others, then and after did ) holding correfpondance with the place, ( where no man knew him) and fending Ammunition ( which was never recieved ) with the hazard of the life is Cafhiered their fervices; A fentance much like that againft the Earle of Strafford made with caution not to be brought tp prefident for after times, leaft it too nearly might concerne themsefes; At night provifion for our Horfe being fpent. we make a worke beyond the Grannge neare the Foot of Cowdreys Downe, fecuring the Meades for our Troopers in the darke nights to fetch in graffe.

August 12th 1644
We fee them bufied making provifions of Baskets, Brufh, and Turfe, to goe with their workes: which for fome daise lay ftill, filling their Baskets now with graffe to face their firing; and in the meantime ply their Culverins.

At night an alarme beating through their Quarters, we expect according to thenoyfe, but the ftay quiet till between three and foure, what time a Trumpet founding on Cowdreys downe, from forth the Delue, they fall upon us, bufied at our new worke with 50Mufquetiers, but foon draw back: at fame time 60 more by favour of a wood, had gotten to the ditch under our platforme, where fired on by the Guard in the Parke Bulwarke flanking the ditch, they returned in haft leaving fome Armes behind, having three Guns with Cafe fhot powred on their rear, for which they fend us plenty fromtheir feverall Guards. And now begin a trench into the Parke from the Lane side, the better to fecure that quarter, running it towards their great Work, meaning to clofe their Lines through- out their Leaguer. Next day they fpare their great fhot, but at night give us a falfe Alarme.

August 14th 1644
Towards evening Lievtenant Cuffand and Cornet Bryan each with twenty Horfe and forty Mufquetiers, Sally upon the Downe againe, beating the Foot from Wallers Worke, and the horfe guard from their poft, purfuing them to Basingstoake, whence ftrenghtened with frefh Horfe, they force ours to retreat, take Cornet Bryan and one Trooper, wound three others, and kill Enfigne Amery, our having done abroad good execution bring in Lievtenant Cooper, a corporal of Horfe, and feven more of theirs; from whom we learne, Morley foure dayes before was fhot in the fhoulder viewing his workes in the Parke; The two next dayes were fpent in Parlee for releafe of Prifoners. They fending us one wounded, we returne them three, offering Lievtenant Cooper and the Corporall ( both ftout men, wounded, and taken fighting ) for our Coronet, but would not be accepted, fo much they valued him; the Parlee ended they play as formerly, at night fending three Grenades. where of one failed them.

August 17th 1644
They bring Baskets to wallers worke, and the Delue where they had wrought the former dayes to raife a Battery, and to fecure themselves, learning our Sally intended the beating up that quarter, and had been done, had not ours Horfe purfuing then too farre, engaged our Foot to fecure their retreat; for at firft they ran carrying their Colours with tyhem from the Delue, though 300 men were said to quarter in it; but animated with comming in of more, and drawing to the hedges in the Meade, fome Mufquetiers from Hollowayes Mill, they againe make good the place ftreightening our Horfe retreat;  at Evening planting a Culverin there, they play from thence, and from the peece at Church, this night three run to them, and one the night before.

19th August 1644
This day getting their Demy Canon to the worke by the wood, they batter us, with 48 fhot ; and the two following dayes with eight fscore more, the leaft whole Culverin, with which and withGranades they killed two men, and mifchieved two more, break our Iron Gun, and make a breach in one of our fquare Towers; they injury of the worke before it, the Officers and WSouldiers putting hand to Spade repaire, making it Canon proof, before fearce Drake

22nd August 1644
This day they are more fparing, and permit the night enjoy it’s prpoer filence, difturbed onley by such, whofe bafeneffe prompted them with hope to gaine by craft, what by their force they could not, fhooting Notes fixed to arrowes with prffers of preferment to the souldier, perfwading Mutinies, and labouring divifions ‘ twixt the Regiments, leaving no ftone unturned; but they all in vaine, except the gaining fome faint hearted Knaves, The following dayes fending of Croffe barre, fhot Loggs bound with iron hoops, stones, and Granades, whereof two mifted firing; Two more run to them.

August 25th 1644
Their Battery by the wood having much torne the tower, they now begin on that side next the Towne, within Piftoll fhot to make a worke, to batter it from thence; In the meane time continuing fhooting from their other Guns, they kill two men and maime a third; And in the Parke they fhew a Sowe made for their Mufquetiers, thrufting before them for to play behind; this night two ran to them, and the next night foure; inforcing us to feafonable juftice in executing one who had attempted to have gone with them, by which our Souldiers were fo faftned, that for a long time not one man ftirred, though our neceffities grew saft on us, now drinking water, and for fome weeks paft making our bread, with Peafe and Oats, our ftock of Wheat being fpent.

August 28th 1644
The lines from Onslowes quarter are brought on with a redoubt upon it, oppofite to Bafingstoake Bulwarke, and having broke their Culverin, at the Delue, fupplying it they play againe from thence, and in the night fteal of five Horfe grazing in the Meades ; next night two, Troopers cutting graffe, our river by the Mill being drawne downe, enforce us make a damme raifing the water to fecure the Grannge.

September 2nd 1644
At noone with letters for Exchange of Prifoners we recieve this Summons.

My Lord
These are in the name and by the authority of the parliament of England, the higheft Court of Juftice in this Kingdoms, to demand the houfe and Garrison of Bafing, so be delivered to me to be dispofed of according to Order of Parliament. And hereof I expect your Anfwer by this Drum within one hower, after the receipt hereof, in the mean time i reft
Yours to ferve you

From the Quarters before
Bafing, the 2 of Set
In the afternoone

To which the Lord Marquiffe inftantly difpatcht this Anfwer.

Where as you demand the houfe and Garrison of Bafing by a pretended authority of Parliament, I make this Anfwer, That without the King there can be no Parliament, by His Majefties Commiffion I keep the place, and without His abfolute Command fhall not deliver it to any pretenders what foever, I am

Yours to ferve you
Bafing 2. Sept

This Anfwer fent : from their new Battery by the Towne in fixe houres time they thunder fixfcore fhot Cannon and Culverin; with which they Founder one of our great Brick Towers,  fro whenc we annoyed that quarter. their  fmall fhot playing thick this day kil’d us three, and hurt a woman. The rubbifh of the tower filling the end of a Curtain under it, we cut off the other bya traverfe, lyning the Bulwarke where their fhot had run; next day ther great fhot is reduced to 20; their Cannon by the former heat being made at fault, is this day drawne to Farnham, The night brings on their Line at Grannge,  blocks up our way to the Downe, andflights the worke we had made, by fome dayes before deferted, nowgrowne too hot and wanting men to keep it.

August 4th 1644 – (? )
The day of promifed reliefe our men in readineffe, Noon come and no appearance of them, unwilling to be idle, we refolve a Sallie; Lievenant Snow, Lievetenant Byfeild, and Ensign Outram, each with 12 troopers, with Browne Bills, and 18 Mufquetiers are sent at once to fall on Onflowes Quarters in three parts, which is so well performed, that gaining their redoubts, they draw their Demy-Culverin neare our workes, bring but three Prifonersin, our Gaole being full, and having loft three men by the Enemies Cafe fhot, and one hurt, retreat; the great Guns being plyed on both fides, fome of ours luckily fell upon them at the Delue. Sir William Waller with two troopes of horfe, two hours before arrived at Basingstoake, came forth to fee the fport, and with his Horfe facing the Houfe too neare on Cowdreys Downe, theyb had their Captaine killed with round fhot from our workes. In this dayes fervice byconfeffion of our Enemies they had 60 common Souldiers killed,and 12 dangeroufly wounded, befides two Gunners and two Lievtenants, one whereof belonged to Sir William, and brought by curioufity to fee the Leaguer was there flain; of ours, befides the former, we had three sleightly hurt with durt beat up by Culverin fhot. At night we endeavour to fetch off the \gum, but find it heavy, they having doubled Guards, we place 12 mufquetiers to wait the engaged peece.

This day and next fpends 50 fhot from their new platforme, by battering downe a ftack of Chimnies, making a large breach in the new bulding; toward night we fee two Companies of Foot marching by Hackwood weftward, followed next Evening by two Companies more, two Waggons and twelve Troops of Horfe; Next day againe at nooneceafing their Battery, permit us to fee two Regiment of twenty Companies follow the Horfe had paffed, two companies of White turne into Basingstoake and their Artillery,ten of feverall forts conveyed by one Company more of Yellow. This night we expect Alarmes, and were well prepared having for foure nights kept all our men upon duty. But it paffeth without difturbance, morethen that of tongues, boafting their Army to be next day fhewed us, which Sir Williams haft into the Weft permits not; And well fatisfied with Wednefdaies Sally, the ftrife for plunder of the houfe maintained with fo much pertinacy between his men and Nortons ceafed, and we agiane with our old guefts are left to try it out, grown  now fo much upon this parting, as in 48 houres we heare but of two Culverin fhot, next day recovering heart, they tell us 22, and refting fome daies paft, now find their worke again.
September 11th 1644
Silent till towards evening, ten great fhot; at night our Meffenger Edward Jeffery affures the certainty of our reliefe advances to Aldermafton, and taking of fome scouts, we then make fires upon the Gatehouse in figne of notice, and of readineffe, though (though  the Fogge) it hardly could be feen to next hill, By feaven next morne, the Noble Colonell Gage with Horfe and Foot paft through fo manyhazards, had attained Chinham Downe, where Colonell Norton with hisftrenght having intelligance did ftand in readineffe. And now what here was doneI fhall referre to waht hath been faid by others from fome one prefent there, which may relate to each his due defert, in all fo much, That not withstanding all advantages of place, and Men frefh and prepared against tyred Troops and wearied foot, a fogge fo think as made the daystill night, helping the fhrowding of his Ambufeades, and clouding paffes unto fuch who neither knew nor could difcern a way more then their Valour and the Sword did cut, and Maugre all, with execution forced his retreat the Fogge befriending him ferving as covert, for his fafer flight through Basingstoake, the day then clearing, and report of fight brought near the Garrifon, Lievtenant Colonell Johnfon with fome Mufquetiers iffuing by the Grannge, beates them from off their Line, purfues them to the hill, and thence unto the Delue, claering that quarter with fofmall defence as is incredible, The paffe thus cleared, meeting our welcome friends, our joyes are ecchoed, whilft the fad profoners are led in to fee the Houfe they lay fo long about, their number 64 Common Souldiers, two Sergeants, one Lievtenant, whereof the wounded were next day fent forth unto the care of their owne Chirurgeons, and two that ran from us had execution.

The Ammunition brought put in, and the Lord Marquiffe vifited by his worthy friends, they return to Cowdrys Downe; whenc the Horfe under fome hazard of the Enemies Guns retreat to Chinham, thence 100 Mufquetiers being fent unto the Houfe, they march through Basingstoake, facing the Rebell workes whilft 14 barrels of powder and 100 Armes found in the towne, and what provifion of all fortes could be got, were fent into the Garrifon, where 100 Mufqueteers under command of Major Cuffand, feconded with the like number fupplies led forth by Capataine Hull, attacque the line on Bafing fide, take in that quarter and the Church which they had fortified.  In it w. Captaines (Captaine Iohn Iephfon and Captain Iarvas, ) 1. Leivtenant, 2. Sergeants, and about 30. Souldiers the reft by feverall wayes efcaping. During the former fight their Guns beiong drawn off that platform to their workes in the park; Sir Richard Onflowes quarter towards Bafing -ftoake, that fatall place afaine is taken in the skonces fleighted, and their peice brought in by Mufqueteers, led by Leivtenant-Colonell Peak, their Tents and Huts fiered neere Holloway Mill, the enemy fo haftening form thefe workes as fearcely 3. could be made ftay the killing.
Thus might we fee at once, three of their Quarters blaze, onely one (well fortified and their remaining ftrength drawne in) is left them quiet.

September 12th 1644
The next day is imployed in fending warrants forth, fetching provifions from adjacent Townes, and getting in a Culverin the enemies hast had left neere to the wood, which they permitted us with fo much tameneffe, as called our men to fall upon their workes, but most part of our then bufied abroad thefe are commanded off having a sergeant and 5. others fhot, where of they  after died, care being taken for fuch Gentlemen of our rleife as had been hurt, night comming on, intelligance of enemies appearing from the townes neere Silchefter and drawing towards kingfcleare, Colonell Gage ordering his horfe and foot to be in readineffs, having fupplied the Garrifon as much as fhortneffe of hisftay gave leave, about 11 at night takes Conge of the place, marching the way of Reading, leaving the enemy next morne amufed with a letter for exchange of Captain Love for Jepfon, which by noone was done; and they by it affured the certainty of his retreat to Oxford.

September 14th 1644
The towne of Bafing not yet repoffeft, a hundred Mufquetiers are fent under command of Captain Flecter to guard our carts fetching provifions thence, on whom the enemy with horfe and foot fall out towards evening, Norton himfelfe there prefent, ours taken in diforder are beat back, but foone reftored by the comming forth of the field officers, and they forced back into their wokes, fixteen of them being flaine in the retreat and 11 taken, of ours an Ensigne and two common Souldiers killed, fix hurt, whereof 4 dyed, and 8 made prifoners, Lievtenant Colonel Johnfon Doctor of Phyfique, was here fhot in the fhoulder, whereby contracting a Feaver he dyed a fortnight after, his worth challenging Funerall teares, being  no leffe eminent in the Garrifon for his valour and conduct, as a Souldier, then famous through the kingdom for his excellancy as an Herbarift, and Phyfician, fleight their platforme, and we throw down their workes without the leaft Alarme.

September 23rd 1644
The Rebels againe falling upon our guard in towne, ours are commanded in having replenifed our ftore for fome weeks time, and wanting men to fpare. the Church by them thus repoffef, they now enlarge themfelves and keep us to our workes, of late too loofly growne  familiar in the towne. This day two Gentlemen of our releife was exchanged from Reading for thre of theirs with us. Next day a party of our Horfe are fent forth by the Grannge to face their guard on Cowdrey, whift our foot draw in twenty fat hoggs from of the Downe, their Scout draw back unto their Guards kept near to Bafingstoake whence ftrengthened ours orderly retreating, are purfused neer to a hedg lyned with our Mufqueteirs, who falving them, they quickly face about, having fwormd out a number of 5 Troopes. The morrow entertaines them in like manner whilft our men fpoyling their platform at the Delve,  bring in their planke and timber.

September 27th 1644
Some of our Horfe fporting on Cowdrey  Downe, and there amufing them, fix others through the Parke Lane toward Bafingftoaoke fetch in eight of their foot paffing unto their Leaguer. And a water levelier imployed for the drawing of our River, Morley himfelfe hardly efcaping them, causing fome foot come forth to ftop our horfe retreat, are galled by our Mufquetiers purpofely lodged in covert. An houre after we receiev a Drum from Colonell Norton for the fending out fome gentlemen to treat the change of Prifoners, and is returned with fixing of a day.

September 29th 1644
The Stage of Cowdrey furif’d again with Actors, a coronett and three more of their are killed and one of ours, At night ( the morrow being a Faire at Bafingftoke) fix foot with piftoll and browne bill are sent to try the Market, and foure miles off at Committees houfe finding to ferve their turne, from thence bring in twenty three head of Cattle by the Delve, which paffe our dayly skirmifhing kept free, next day informed the enmy imploed in fortifying the Church, fometimes kept but careleffe gaurd, 100 Mufqueteeres led forth by Major Cuffand arefent to force the place, and having gained a worke wanting wherewith co force the doore, theirs comming faft to refcue, our retreat having a sergreant and fix Souldiers fhot in the attempt, whereof moft dyed, of theirs an Ensigne and fome others flaine.

October 2nd 1644
We fent forth Captain Rofewell and Captain Rigby fecured by Hollages, with inftructions to treat releafe of Prifoners. The fame night M.Greaves, and Captain Iarvis(?), next day two lieutenants with diverfe more fent out recieving Captain Rowlet, a Lieutenant, and two Sergeants loft at Odiham, and fome daies later Coronet Bryan and three Gentlemen of our releefe releafed to Oxford.

October 4th 1644
this and eight daies following, our Horfe and theirs change Piftolls upon Cowdreys downe, they  having number we advantage of a hedge with Mufqueteers, fo as the odds was ours, and three or foure of theirs was daily carried off, we all the while loofing one Horfe and two Foot Souldiers, at night fend forth our Chapmen well furnifhed and good Marketfolkes, in five houres time returne with 23 beats under the hofes of their Sentinells, fome Mefqueteers of ours lying abroad for their fecurity.

October 17th 1644
Paft noon from off our Towers we fee the Van of Mancefters army Marching to Basingstoake and Sherfield, next day fome of his Horfe visit the Leaguer, and by our Markes-men two of them are fhot, the following day eight Regiments of Foot and fome of Horfe with all their Carriages and Artillery, drawne on the south of Basingstoake facing the Houfe, make halt fome houres, and towards night returne into the Towne, moft of their Horfe which all the day had ftood at two miles diftance neere Rooks Downe, at night with hast enough Troop to their Quarters towards Farnham.

October 20th 1644
Three Foot Souldier comming too neere to fee the Houfe recieve the curtefy of fetching in, and next day by our Foot in Ambufh in the lane a Coronet of Sir Williams Regiment and two Dragoones were taken, our Horfe from off the Hill fetch in two ftrangling Foot, at noon fome Regiments of Horfe and Foot belonging to the Earl of Essex, joyne to the Leaguer, their Army toward evening drwan in Battalia, that night keep the field, the Van neare Rooks Downe, the Battle at Basingstoake and Reere by Hackswood, next day Marching the Army towards Reading, the foot by Sherbone, and the Horfe kepping along their left, the following day three troopers more brought in, keeping our Horfe abroad to wait on them. At night part of a ruined Tower falling by Tempeft on five of our men, killing one, and fomewhat bruifed the reft.

Lievtenant Cuffand with fome 40 Horfe charging their Guard on Cowdreys downe, fpoiling five Horfes & as many men, takes one of theirs, with loffe of one of ours; next day facing their Horfe againe, whilft Coronet Bryan with fome few Horfe fetch off a Load of Corne, driving neere to their Guard. Andriding through the Garrifon from  off th’other fide, bring in a Cart and Teame paffing Basingstoake, These Carts did help us in3(?) following nights, fecured with Convoyes, to fetch in 5 quarters of threfht Corn and 12 load in the fheafe from Prats Hall, the fame nights furnifhing us 14 Beafts they fome dayes after keeping at thofe Barnes a Guard of Horfe and Foot, releived each night at nine.

November 3rd 1644
Our flender ftock of Bread and Corne, that Beere being fpent invites the fending forth Lievtenant Colonell Peake withHorfe and Foot, to try yet could more be done at Piats Hill, where comming about eight at night, finding their Fires, but their Guards gone off taking two Prifoners begin their worke, loading their carts, and fending them away continuing so till 12, what time their Horfe from Sherfiled comming down the hill and foot from Bafing drawing up, fail on our Guards, and for fome time difpute it, but our Foot from the lyned hedges having gauled their Horfe, give wat to ours to draw theirs farther off, whileft thier Foot acquainted with the ground ftrive to poffeffe the hedges fome of ours maintained, but an Al;arum from the Cattle given upon the Church, andour Horfe now freed of theirs, caufe them retreate, driving them through the River, they thus beat off, we on our Worke againe, and by the morning carry in 16 Cartloads in fheafe, our Drovers at fame time paffed through our Guards eight Beafts, at noon next day fome Souldiers fteping out feize on 12 fides of Muton & fome Pork loaded upon a Horfe as contribution food going unto the Church.

November 5th 1644
Our Beere being now fpent, the Officers content themselves with water, having for ten dayes paft fpared one meal a day andnow perfwadw the Souldiers who as yet had two, this caufeth one at night to run away telling our wants unto our Enemies, now animating them, before difhartened, had fot the comming in of Strowds and Ludlowes Horfe with fome Dragoones faftened theis Leaguer, almoft on reinove(?)

November 6th 1644
coronet Bryan with a party of horfge ufing the benefit of a fogge, getting into the Bottome neere to Basingstoake, fteales off three sentryes, and placing there his ewne, after a while without the noife of piftoll, takes corporall and two Troopers more comming to their reliefe, This was a welcome to Strowdes new come Horfe, At night Major Cuffand with Horfe and Foot killing a Sentinell, and beating off their horfe, cleareth the pafee to piats Hill, andfendeth forth our men for Beafts, but the enemies Horfe that night too much abroad, make void this journey; two runne to them, one of them with horfe.

November 9th 1644
The like party fent at night under command of Major Rosewell, beating then foot from a worke throwne upon the paffe at the Delue (their Horfe not daring come too neer the hedges) poffeffe the Avenues to Piats Hill, then fending forth our Grafters, who in foure houres time returne with eighteen Beafts our Guards in meane while from the Barnes thereby paffing fix Load of Corne in fheaffffffffe and fecuring two Meffengers onward to Oxford, one fent three nights before being taken by the enemy.

November 13th  1644
Colonell Ludlowes Trumpiter is taken upon Cowdreys Downe next day a regiment of Foot fhewing themfelves at Chinham, march to Basingstoake; And the morrow a Trumpet from Sir William for his Coronet is return’d with Naming an Exchange; another bringing in two Officers of oursthat long had Layen at Farnham, for them carryes out feaven of their, wee taking care to fill their roomes againe, there Army now againe hovering about, afford us fport, each day killing or taking fome of their curious ones. And feaze two Carts, one with a Load of Hay paffin too neer our workes.

The enemy wearied with lying 24 weeks, difeafes, with the Winter feazing them. his Army wafted fromm 200 to 700 fearing the forces of His Majefty now moving about Hungerford, raifeth his Leaguer, and at eight this morne drew off his Waggons, and two Gunnes, three dayes before brought in. The Foot at noone march toward Odigham, the Huts being fired, and fome Troopers of Horfe left to fecure their reere, On whom a party of our Horfe with Coronet Bryan waiting their opportunityes diforder their retreat.

Next night honoured by Sir Henry Gage ( the enemies remove not knowne ) fent by his Majefty with 100 Horfe brings in supplies of Ammunition and Provifion, each Trooper in a bagge bearing his part having a skeene of Match fwadled about his waft befides what brought in Carts, and ftaying here three dayes mosft amply victualled the Garrifon ( drawn down by lenght of Seige, almoft unto worst of all neceffityes, Provifion lowe, the Souldiers fpent and naked, and the numbers feww, having befides our hurt and maimed, and such as runne from us, lft neere 100 men by fickneffe,  and the seige, whereof a Lievtenant Colonell, two Enfignes, three Sergeants, and feven Corporals.

I shall end all with thefe obfervations viz. That seldome hath been a Seige wherein the profervation of the place more immediately might be imputed to the hand of God, That the Souldiers in fo long a Seige with all the fuflerings incident thereto, fhould never Mutiny; Nor thatthat the cuftomary Liberty at all our Parleyes for to meet and talke wrought any treachery. Wants of Provifions alwayes fo fupplied as if by miracle, during the Leaguer; wee not having leffe then feavenfcore ufeleffe mouthes, that had releffe come at the time appointed, Waller then hovering with his force at Farnham in probability a hazard whether they had releived us or preferved themfelves. Or had Norton I able to bring three times their numbers forth) when the next weeke they came, drawne out his ftrenght, or had wee not got powder  from them, that, by our releife fcarfe ferving till the Seige was raised ; or when we were releived, had they not fuffered us to poffeffe the Towne a weeke, thereout fupplying our felves for horfe and man, before not having for above three weekes, Or had they when we firft fetcht Corne from Paits hill,  or fire or removed it.

But God that holdeth all things in his hand, appointing times and feafons; ordered all that tends unto thofe ends he wils; in vain it therefore were to Villify the enemy; blaming his valour or defcretion, Or yet to fay the care and diligence of the lord Marquiffe Governour, the skill and valour of the Officers, the Courage and obediance of the Souldiers, ( though all thefe did there parts ) had thus preferved the place, in vain we watch and ward, except God keepe the Houfe. Let no man therefore fpeake himfelfe an inftrument, onely in giving thanks that God had made him fo, for here was evidently feen He chofe the weake to confound the ftrong, Non Nobis domine. Not unto us O Lord,  but to thine owne name be all Glory for ever,   AMEN