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Letter from The Marquess of Winchester to King Charles 1st 1642

Most Gracious Sovueraigne Since by commande your Majastyes forces at Basingstoke are drawing off, and the enemy now lying within lesse ten miles of this place, I conceave this Castle to be in apparent danger and cannot be long kept without some assistance from your ma(jes)tyes army; for from this county

The relief of Basing House by Colonel Gage 9th September 1644.

The Garrison of Basing House, the seat of the Marquis of Winchester, in which himself was and commanded, had been now straitly besieged, for the space of above three months, by a conjunction of the parliament troops of Hampshire and Sussex, under the command of Norton, Onslow, Jarvis, Whitehead, and

Cromwells letter of the Storming of Basing House

Cromwells letter of the Storming of Basing House To the Honourable William Lenthall, Speaker of the Commons House of Parliament SIR, Basingstoke, 14th October 1645. I thank God, I can give you a good account of Basing. After our batteries placed, we settled the several posts for the storm: Colonel Dalbier was to be

Epitaph on the monument of the Marques of Winchester

John Powlet, fifth Marquis of Winchester, was remarkable for his steady loyalty to Charles I. He garrisoned for the king his fine castle at Basing, and underwent a siege of two years, from August 1643 to October l6th, 1645 ; on which day it was taken by Cromwell, by storm,