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Audley End 2012 – A 1660’s event

This was Winchester’s 1st 1660-80’s event for nearly 23 years.

Audley End House was the venue.

The Shelswell History Festival , 7th and 9th July 2017

The Shelswell History Festival was a three day event offering talks, workshops, demonstrations, films, plays and activities for all the family, celebrating local history from Saxon battles through the country of Flora Thompson’s Lark Rise to Candleford, recent world wars and to today. The Festival took place between 7th and 9th July 2017 in Shelswell Park Estate in the Oxfordshire Benefice of Shelswell.

Picture credits & copyright to Peter Greenway

27th January 2019, Commemoration of the Execution of Charles Ist

By kind permission of the Royal Parks Department, the King’s Army Annual March and Parade  followed the route taken by Charles I from St James Palace on the Mall to the place of his untimely death at the Banqueting House in Whitehall, London. This event is an established part of the London calendar and has followed a similar format now for forty years. The parade assembles from 11am outside St James Palace on The Mall and marches to form up on Horse Guards Parade,  a considerable privilege for an organisation such as ourselves, from where a wreath is carried across Whitehall and placed at the execution site. A short service follows and awards and commissions are conferred on deserving members of the King’s Army.

We are grateful for the assistance of members of the Roundhead Association who act as stewards at the event.

Picture copyright Jacques Le Roux

Wallingford June 2015

The Royalist garrison at Wallingford under the command of the Governor, Colonel Thomas Blagge, surrendered on honourable terms to a large Parliamentarian force commanded by Sir Thomas Fairfax on 2nd July 1646, after a nine week siege. Wallingford is one of England’s oldest chartered boroughs and the Wallingford Town Council is staging this major event.

The Marquess of Winchester’s regiments contribution was a march through the town on Friday 26th June  and the presentation of battle displays on Saturday and Sunday, with a ceremonial surrender of the Royalist “garrison” at the end of the Sunday battle. Wallingford castle was destroyed in 1652 but the outworks are still visible and will again form the setting for our event, with a military battery LH representing the Roundhead siege lines in Castle Meadow facing the ruins of the castle.