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Event Calendar

Next Event:
27th January – Whitehall Parade

Events 2019 – Known events to date – others are being considered.
27th January – Whitehall Parade
23rd February – Stitch & Game – Eynsham, Oxfordshire
30th – 31st March – Regimental Make & Mend – Somerset
19th – 22nd April – Caerphilly Castle – Large four day RIE
Early May Bank Holiday – Audley End House 1660’s event
18th – 19th May – Small RIE Bruton Somerset
Late May Bank Holiday – ECWS Major or RIE Bruton Somerset
27th & 28th July  – ECWS Major Marlborough & Regimental reunion BBQ
Sept/Oct – Basing House – date to be confirmed

All events are listed including private events to show the full extent of our activities for the 2018/19 season.