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Event Calendar

Events 2020:
All events are listed including private events to show the full extent of our activities for the season.

Note: Major musters are large events organised by the English Civil War Society with a full battle re-enactment and living history displays. The other public events are smaller, but will usually involve drill displays, a skirmish and living history.

26th January – Whitehall March, London

Saturday 7th March – Wassail at the Newt, Somerset

18-19th April – Make & Mend, Somerset private event

23-25th May – Major muster, Alton, Hampshire  

13-14th June – Audley End, 

11-12th July – Langport, Somerset, 

18-19th July – Chirk Castle, near Wrexham

1-2nd August – Chiltern Open Air Museum 

30-31st August – Major muster, Llancaiach Fawr Manor, Nelson, South Wales

26-28th September – Basing House, Basingstoke (Schools’ Day on the Monday) 

Links to further information on these events will be added in due course