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Montacute House, 28th October


It is the winter of 1605. The Gunpowder Plot has been thwarted. Several of the plotters are already dead, the rest are in prison awaiting their trial. Sir Edward Phelips, the builder of Montacute House, is a senior lawyer and will be opening the case for the prosecution. His young assistant is helping him prepare his speeches. Due to the heightened tension in the country following the plot, some of the county militia have been called upon to provide security for Sir Edward and his staff in the run up to his return to London for the trial. 

On Saturday 28th October, The Marquess of Winchester’s regiment will be portraying some of the individuals involved. The junior lawyer will be present, so you can ask him about justice in the 17th  century and how the trial will proceed. The militia will have their weapons with them. Find out how a musket works and maybe try on some armour. There will also be some of the domestic staff from the House present, making sure everything continues to function normally, despite the strange times. 

This will be in the Stable Yard, during the normal opening hours for the House and the presentation is included in the normal entrance fee.