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Teaching History

I believe that re-enactment is a very powerful way to teach history. I heard about the reaction of the primary school children to the Hull 1642 Living History. The childrens' hour-long visit stimulated weeks of enthusiastic study. Hull 1642 was presented as a trip in a time machine to a

ECWS Rules of Engagement and Ordinances of Warre.

Rules of Engagement and Ordinances of Warre for The Roundhead Association and The King’s Army INTRODUCTION 1. The English Civil War Society Ltd (ECWS) is an umbrella organisation providing central organisation for two constituent societies, The Roundhead Association (RA) and The King’s Army (KA). The Committee of Safetie (CofS) and Council of

Theatrical Casualties – Julian Tilbury

Our major battles suffer from a distinct lack of theatrical casualties. No matter how many pike engagements are fought, or shots fired, the piles of dead and dying never seem to accumulate. While not claiming the effects of C17th weapons were that devastating, or that English Civil War battle casualties

Our English Civil War Resources

  This page of links is not only for the reenactor of battles, living histories and skirmishes but to those who have an interest developing a far deeper understanding of the period we are re-enacting. In time it is hoped that this page will expand to cover more topics and have