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Joining and Taking Part

Winchesters Introductory Membership scheme. you'll be able to attend your 1st event with us free of any subscription or joining fee, all clothing, kit, arms and armour are provided free of charge for that weekend. We are a friendly and welcoming bunch, and new members are welcome at any

Event Calendar

Events 2020: All events are listed including private events to show the full extent of our activities for the season. CORONA VIRUS With the current corona virus situation, all of the events below will have to be treated as provisional until things become clearer. Where an event is definitely postponed or cancelled,

The Regiment Today

The Regiment today has been reenacting the English Civil War for about 40 years and today has around 140 members, we have a goal of recreating a full sized English Civil war company of Foote as shown by the drill book of William Barriffe with the correct number Pikemen, Musketeers,


The Marquess of Winchester's Regiment is considered to be one of the premier formations in English Civil War re-enactment. The regiment has reached a high standard through the historical research and endeavours of its members. Our members are proud to be a part of an organisation and taking part in