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Civillian & Military Living History

During the English Civil War, the lives of a civilian varied dramatically depending on many issues, such as: status, religion, and occupation, gender and age. Families were torn apart where different members followed their beliefs and took sides. Great financial strain was borne by the families as the soldiers went


The Marquess of Winchester's regiment is fortunate to have access to 2 artillery pieces, a Drake Minion owned by the Kings Army and a smaller Minion owned by the regiment. Members of the artillery are a special breed, it may look easy firing a loading a cannon but there is more


Drumming & fifing in the regiment is one of the most important aspects of the military portrayal we undertake. On the march the drum regulates our rate of march and gives us a presence on the drill or battlefield that no other arm or craft can ever present. The regiment marching


The musket became rapidly the dominant infantry arm during the English Civil War. Musketeers could march faster than a heavily armoured Pikeman, were easier to train and of course the musket could kill or maim the enemy from up to 300 paces away. For the pike to do a similar


When taking part as a pikemen you will be armed with a pike 16 feet long, and protected by armour and a helmet These items are supplied by the regiment. The equipment issued to soldiers is expensive, both in financial terms and the time taken to manufacture it For example,

The King’s Army

The Marquess of  Winchester's Regiment is part of the he King’s Army, an organisation of enthusiasts who gather together at ‘musters’ throughout the country during the ‘campaigning season’, which lasts from March to October, to re-enact events of the English Civil Wars. The main aim of this Society and its