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Harwell Feast 28th May 2018

The Marquess of Winchester’s Regiment is honoured to be invited to stage a display of 17th Century life to the visitors of Harwell Feast.

Please visit our encampment to learn and experience a little of the troubled times in the 1640s, when Parliament fought against the King. Setting brother against brother, father against son.

Where do your loyalties lie? Are you a supporter of the King? Or the Rebels of Parliament? Come and test your skill at arms, can you handle a musket, are you strong enough to charge a pike? Will you join us to fight against the rebels?

Or are you of a mind to stay at home away from the ravages of war? Come and see how the ladies and gentle folk lived, see them at work and cooking food of the times.

We look forward to meeting you and encouraging you to join us in our cause!

We are a local regiment many members in the surrounding area.

Join the Marquess of Winchesters Regiment